2nd International Conference on Recent Advances in Mechanical Infrastructure

15th - 16th May 2020

About IITRAM | Welcome Message

Institute of Infrastructure, Technology, Research and Management (IITRAM) is an Autonomous University as declared in the Gujarat Government Act no. 5 of 2013- broadly known as IITRAM Act, provides Engineering education with undergrad and post grad courses in Civil, Mechanical, Electrical branches. It also offers PhD programs in engineering branches of Civil, Mechanical and Electrical along with Physics, Chemistry, Mathematics, English, Sociology and Economics. It is an initiative of the Government of Gujarat to impart education in engineering fields which mainly focuses on Infrastructure and Infrastructure Management. To cultivate skill based Engineers, IITRAM has advanced curriculum, labs, and industry tie ups to produce advanced, skilled and trained professionals for technologically advanced nation. IITRAM is striving hard to bring qualitative improvement in teaching and learning process and achieve excellence in the field of technical education which is capable of responding to the changing requirements of technical manpower.

About the Conference

This conference provides a forum for discussion on issues, concepts, skill development and possible innovations in the mechanical infrastructure sector. ICRAM-2020 aims at bringing the best technical minds working in the field of mechanical engineering on a common platform to share their knowledge of technical expertise, experience and forthcoming challenges in the development of infrastructure in the country. Moreover, it will be a great opportunity for the enthusiastic students and research scholars to learn from the experiences and vision of eminent scientists and innovators. The conference is expected to include presentations on latest research trends showcasing the important achievements and upcoming challenges in the development of the infrastructure sector pertaining to mechanical engineering. The conference invites researchers to showcase their work in any given area of mechanical engineering that somewhere relates to the overall progress of infrastructure development in the country.

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