32nd International Conference on Indo – Canadian Multidisciplinary Research :
Trends and Prospects

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Institute of Infrastructure, Technology, Research and Management (IITRAM) is an Autonomous University as declared in the Gujarat Government Act no. 5 of 2013- broadly known as IITRAM Act, provides Engineering education with undergrad and post grad courses in Civil, Mechanical, Electrical branches. It also offers PhD programs in engineering branches of Civil, Mechanical and Electrical along with Physics, Chemistry, Mathematics, English, Sociology and Economics. It is an initiative of the Government of Gujarat to impart education in engineering fields which mainly focuses on Infrastructure and Infrastructure Management. To cultivate skill based Engineers, IITRAM has advanced curriculum, labs, and industry tie ups to produce advanced, skilled and trained professionals for technologically advanced nation. IITRAM is striving hard to bring qualitative improvement in teaching and learning process and achieve excellence in the field of technical education which is capable of responding to the changing requirements of technical manpower.

About the Conference

The 32nd International Conference of Indian Association for Canadian Studies is planned to be organized at Institute of Infrastructure, Technology Research and Management (IITRAM) on 28th & 29th December 2018, with the central theme of Indo – Canadian Multi disciplinary Research: Trends and Prospects. IACS is functional since 1985 and had organized series of conferences in India with variety of themes. The objective of this conference is to provide a floor for deliberations on the current trends and prospects prevailing in India and Canada in Science, Humanities & Technology. The conference would prove to be a boon for academicians, researchers, executives, professionals, students and education aspirants. The primary aim of this International conference is to encourage participants representing an exciting diversity of countries, cultures, streams of specialisation to meet and exchange ideas, practices and views in a forum. We invite teachers, researchers, administrators, policy makers, students, artists young scientists, language educators, librarians and others to join us to connect with like – minded individuals and to get updated with latest trends and prospects.